Following the short teaser posted last week, H&M has unveiled the full campaign video for its "Modern Essentials" collection featuring David Beckham and Kevin Hart.

The hilarious clip picks up where last year's campaign left off, with Hart roping Becks into a ill-thought-out and ultimately disastrous road trip to Las Vegas. They set out to launch a new musical based on the fictional film I, David Beckham, in which Hart played the legendary English former footballer, but things don't go quite as planned.

The road trip gets off to a terrible start after the pair are pulled over for a broken taillight and the police office mistakenly believes Hart to be Beckham, and the actual Beckham to be the bus driver. Then after getting lost and settling down for the night somewhere near the Mexican border, Beckham has to wrestle a snake to save Hart's life before the comedian accidentally pushes the tour bus down a cliff.

Both Becks and Hart are seen wearing matching outfits from the brand’s new "Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham" collection, which is available in store from September 29.

While we wait for it to hit stores, check out last year’s ad below.

Hart also recently released some big news regarding his music career.

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