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Spanish and Russian designers Pablo Baranoff Dorn and Alex Guliyants have envisioned the future of Honda motorcycles with this futuristic concept.

Dubbed the “Electric Café Racer 1,” this idea is a re-modeling of a Honda Café Racer 125cc, transforming it from its traditional engine oil system to a more sustainable electric battery system. Designed from scratch, from the frame, seat, rims, hubs, lights and front and rear suspension, the duo also came with a second alternative for the main design, built from steel or aluminum.

Boasting an aggressive front grille that is larger with the air intake in mind, the sides for the concept showcase an alternate idea of a second air intake to offer riders the possibility of technical features.

While the bike’s classic beauty of its exposed engine is absent, the overall aesthetic of the old Honda CB650 is still reflected but with more contemporary appeal in a perfect marriage of old and new technology.

Electric bike maker Denzel has agreed to look into production by 2018.

In other news, Nike celebrates the Air Force 1 with a custom jet and car fleet.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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