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French shop Le Garage De Felix presents an intriguing customization of the Honda FX650. The focal point of this particular build is a Husqvarna fuel tank.

As a nod to their craftsmanship, Le Garage De Felix has doctored the Husqvarna logo to feature an “f” instead of an “h” at the beginning of the branding, thus dubbing the motorcycle “Fusqvarna.”

While the red and chrome tank draws much of the attention, the engine has been blacked out, and the bike’s rear subframe has been removed. The seat has then been mounted on an in-house machined aluminum shell, all while showcasing the same coloration as the tank.

Lastly, the 650cc four-stroke Fusqvarna sits on a pair of Pirelli MT60 tires.

After taking a look above, let us know if you’re into the customization from Le Garage De Felix.

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