Alexa Chung is the latest high-profile guest to join Sean Evans on his YouTube series Hot Ones and attempt to brave the heat – both in the form of spicy wings and Sean Evans’s hot questions.

Sean Evans started things off by admitting that Hot Ones was directly influenced by Alexa Chung before going into detail about what it was like for the designer to get fired from a DJ set by Kate Moss and how being photographed can be “a bit creepy,” all the while eating progressively hotter wings.

Chung took it like a champ though, proving that not only is she a great interviewer but also a great interviewee.

Sean Evans called her the “patron saint” of Hot Ones and Alexa Chung mused about whether or not she was going to die as she ate what was a particular spicy chicken nugget (we have to report here that Chung, as a devoted vegan, was eating vegan chicken nuggets).

Check out the episode above and then revisit Sean Evans’s interviews with Terry Crews, Wale and other guest appearances on Hot Ones below.

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