Fidget spinners have taken over the U.S. and worldwide in 2017, quickly and very unexpectedly. Although pinpointing on when the deep fascination began, trend forecasting company WGSN (World Global Style Network) dissects how fidget spinners came to be. In case you still don't know what it is, here's a closer look at fidget spinners and why they are so popular.

Essentially very popular with children and adults alike, and in many different variations, WGSN has been tracking the trend of fidget spinners since 2015 with their lifestyle report Brass Decorative Accessories -- a division of the company that looks at the importance of more play in our daily lives.

By 2016 this evolved into a new report called Bored is the new Black, further examining boredom differently and the creativity that comes to mind when in a wandering state. What the WGSN experts found is that fidget toys perfectly play into this, as they offer up a sense of playtime and being bored but also gently stimulated, which eventually led to its dominance in 2017.

With these small spinning contraptions a thing to have for this generation, here's 10 of our favorite “Fidget Spinners” from back in the day.

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