Ever wonder how that international Supreme order arrives at your door the next day? Chances are that’s probably the case only if your package isn’t on time. But when you stop and think, it’s pretty incredible that overnight shipping is even a thing.

Courtesy of Wendover Productions, here we get a detailed look at exactly how overnight shipping is accomplished.

Companies like Amazon have turned the next-day delivery option into a fairly common occurrence, but there of course is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Furthermore, for example, FedEx’s Memphis location calls home to the second busiest cargo airport in the world, Popular Mechanics points out. Thanks to more than 30,000 employees, the company sends out roughly three million packages each day, with boxes arriving on 150 planes every night. After the items are sorted through, they are then rerouted and shipped in the early hours of the morning.

Once landing in a larger city, the packages are in turn transported onto smaller planes and then shipped off to smaller towns, generally arriving at the start of a normal workday.

For a more in-depth look on how overnight shipping works, press play above, then visit Popular Mechanics.

Not NYC, not LA.

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