Those of you who kept tabs our list of best subreddits to improve your life may have noticed there’s a big debate going down over at r/selfimprovement. The thread in question deals with the topic of “how to be an attractive man” — a nice, simple, and not at all really complicated subject then.

Started by user bcbrought96, the initial post contains a ton of advice (mostly taken from Adam Kisiel’s book How to be More Attractive) to help men fix up and look sharper. While there’s certainly a few odd ones included (for example, “Do not watch porn” seems a little reactionary for 2017), there’s also a load of really useful nuggets to take in — even if you should know most of them already.

The list caused quite a stir on the subreddit and has already generated hundreds of comments in response, with people disputing said advice and offering up alternatives of their own. Check out 10 of our favorites below, then let us know your own advice in the comments.

  • Wear a face cream with UVA/UVB protection, at least SPF 15 every day to prevent wrinkles. It won’t stop you from tanning and will keep you looking young.
  • Eat right. Figure out what this means for you. Eat more real protein, more vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole, unprocessed grains. Cut down on the fried food. Track what you put in your body, if it helps.
  • Get in the habit of walking with a straight back. You can do this by strengthening the muscles in your back (pull-ups with wide and pronated grip are a good one for this) and by reminding yourself to straighten your back throughout the day.
  • Exercise. Just start with two days a week, an hour a day. You can do cardio or you can lift. You can go on hikes. You can bike. You can skate. Just move!
  • Read at least one book a month. Surely there is something you’ve been meaning to read? Go to a bookstore or a library. Download the ebook.
  • Be empathetic toward others. Think about the interests, feelings, and motivations of others frequently.
  • Be self-confident. Even if you’re just faking it (because everybody else likely is too.) Smile, relax, and keep your composure.
  • Always dress just a little bit better than the situation requires. Don’t overdress or underdress.
  • Take proper care of your shoes. Shoe maintenance keeps shoes alive and saves you money, as does buying higher quality shoes that won’t wear out as quickly. If you have time, clean and polish your shoes weekly.
  • Always use deodorant, and find a cologne that suits you. Splurge on this if you can. When you do find your cologne, use it daily. People will start to associate this smell with you.

Now head over to Reddit to read the thread in full.

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Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

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