As you all probably know, becoming a sushi chef is no easy task and while it might seem simple at first, there is such a vast difference between good and bad sushi, and therefore the journey of perfecting sushi making is also a long one. What does it take to become a master? In a brand new video series, called Shokunin, Eater follows New York sushi chef David Bouhadana as he visits culinary-minded individuals who are hard at work perfecting their crafts. First, Bouhadana visits Oona Tempest, a sushi apprentice undergoing intensive chef training at Tanoshi Sushi NYC. The training is estimated to take at least 10 years. The first two years you are not even touching fish, talking to staff or interacting in any way with the final product. You are just working hard, supporting the rest of the team and proving your loyalty. Enjoy the first episode here above.

Watch a professional sushi chef rate cheap sushi here.

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