For many, a trip to Tokyo isn't complete without a day trip to hike up Mount Fuji. But climbing Japan's tallest mountain is not something to undertake without a little forward-planning.

Above, Highsnobiety's own Ambrose Leung shows you exactly what (and what not) to do when climbing Mount Fuji. Joined by cameraman Wyatt Clough, Leung talks us through his whole journey.

He began by taking an express bus from Tokyo direct to Mount Fuji's 5th station before embarking on the Yoshida trail, which takes around six hours to reach the top. Despite forgetting most of their hiking equipment, and having to climb through a storm, the duo safety made it to the top to see an epic sunrise.

Watch the video above.

In other news, KITH Treats opens its doors in Tokyo.

  • Main & Featured Image:Highsnobiety

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