Have you ever aspired to achieve perfection in something? And when we say perfection, we don't mean being "really quite good" at it, but able to create something so precise and exact that it satisfies your expectations in every respect imaginable?

Well, Michael Phillips has. As the 2010 World Barista Champion, he has the art of coffee-making down to a level so refined that he makes a living teaching others how to brew for the notoriously particular Blue Bottle Coffee co. And now, in the latest video by VICE's MUNCHIES channel, he wants to teach you too. 

Be warned, if you're the type of straight-talking, no-nonsense individual who likes his cars fast, his beer cold, and his coffee in a white styrofoam cup, this video probably isn't for you. But, if you've always been fascinated at just how much of your life you can devote to something as seemingly trivial as a cup of Joe, this will be a whole new world of bewildering (some might say disturbing) obsession.

*Disclaimer* We're aware he's actually making what many would term a "latte" in the video. Italians, please forgive him.

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