Most of us just take pictures with our phones, and those who do dabble in better equipment — namely a DSLR — stick to the automatic settings. But whether you're just taking fit pics or you're an aspiring professional, if you want to get better photos it's vital to understand exactly how your camera works.

That's where Photography Mapped comes in. Learning how to correctly use the behind-the-lens details that make a camera work — things like aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Photography Mapped's interactive infographic takes away the mystery with intuitive learning.

Using the tool is just like playing with your camera in real life. By adjusting settings and clicking the "take a photo" button, you can see how all the camera's elements are interconnected — and how they affect your picture.

In the animated picture, you can see that a too-low shutter speed makes the image blurry, while using the wrong aperture can make it washed out, and adjust your settings accordingly. Take a look at the web tool here.

In other news, Apple just revealed the secrets to taking perfect iPhone pictures.

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