Alexander Izquierdo better known by his stage name, Eskeerdo, has plenty of ammunition to taunt the bitter. Born and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the songwriter and performer didn't have what most would call a most auspicious start. By 15 he'd dropped out of high school and set his mind on pursuing a music career full-time. From a purely statistical point of view one might expect that to be the end of Eskeerdo's story - the music industry is notoriously difficult to crack, and only a small percent of those who roll the dice of fate emerge successful.

Yet by 19, the Cuban-American dreamer had relocated to New York and embarked on a songwriting and producing career that would earn him two Grammy Awards, and credits with everyone from Rihanna to Fifth Harmony, Maroon 5 and Kylie Minogue (to name a few). In 2014, Eskeerdo started on the path of an artist, releasing his debut single "For the City." The homage to his beloved city became the Miami Heat's anthem just a year later.

The rapper kicked off 2017 with the release of the single, "Bitta," a searing indictment of the naysayers who didn't believe he would amount to anything. Now he's following up with a noir-tinged video full of thinly-veiled taunts to those who didn't wish him well. This is for the ones who judged me for chasing my dreams. Too scared of failure to chase their own. Bitta to see what hard work and God can do. Don't blame me, blame the city that raised me. It made me a monster. Y'all stay Bitta, I've only begun to call you out," Eskeerdo tells us.

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