If you're looking to turn your sportbike into something that will truly stand out, you should check out Huge MOTO. These guys are providing average riders with custom kits that virtually anybody can assemble, as they require no welding or special equipment. All you need are standard tools found in most garages.

Huge MOTO's style and finish is unmatched, with levers that feature integrated turn signals, dual bulb headlamps, a solo tail that notes integrated brake and turn signals, and more. When customizing any Honda CBR1000RR from 2008 or beyond, all you need are sockets, screwdrivers, basic wiring skills, and a touch of patience.

The complete kit from Huge MOTO will run you $2,999 USD, but you can also choose to buy custom parts by themselves. To further check out what the company has to offer, follow here.

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