hummel's heritage has always been undeniably linked to football. Its shirts were worn first by players in the German Bundesliga, and legendary clubs like Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur soon followed to don the now iconic chevrons. The brand's new HUMMEL HIVE project pays tribute to these football credentials, and its latest collection was inspired by the young fans of today.

HUMMEL HIVE roped in LA-based boutique FourTwoFour on Fairfax and Storm CPH to create a collection which remixes classic styles from hummel’s past with bolder colors and branding inspired by youth and street culture. It's particular reminiscent of hardcore football fans known as "ultras," who create a lot of noise and (sometimes) a lot of trouble.

It consists of two team sets – one each for FourTwoFour and Storm – including shirts, tights, shorts and socks, as well as a FIFA-approved football, a track suit, roll-neck sweatshirts in white and black, a black coach jacket, and the Diamant and the Marathona IItonal sneakers in butter soft leather and mesh.

The classic football jersey is the collection’s centerpiece and pays tribute to Tottenham and hummel’s iconic Spurs jersey from the '80s. All pieces are constructed from comfortable and lightweight materials.

FourTwoFour and Storm for HUMMEL HIVE will be presented in Copenhagen during CPH Fashion Week and will be available exclusively in-store and online in FourTwoFour on Fairfax and Storm CPH from August 11. The collection will be available globally in selected stores from August 26.

In related news, Nike’s Magista 2 is basically a foot that was designed to play football.

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