Back in 2011, seminal British photographer Rankin launched his own biannual magazine. Dubbed Hunger, the publication set out from the start to work with the industry's top talent and to quench Rankin's own hunger.

Since starting out in the '90s, John Rankin Waddell has famously captured the likes of Kate Moss, Madonna, David Bowie, and even Queen Elizabeth II, additionally working with clients including Nike, BMW and H&M. His previous work includes launching the likes of Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack, RANKAnother Magazine, and Another Man.

Needless to say, the breadth of Rankin's work speaks for itself.

Now, with Hunger celebrating its fifth birthday through Issue #10, we asked Rankin to recap some of his favorite shots from the magazine. Peep them all below.

Heidi Klum

"Running around Hollywood Boulevard with Heidi was nuts. We were calling anyone to be in the shoot, real people and the people who dress up as characters. Spiderman wouldn’t come down from his lamppost but we paid Batman and the Joker a hundred dollars each to be in one shot. Then we went to a bar called Saddle Ranch, where Heidi got on one of those bucking broncos and they gave us all free drinks. But the picture of her having her portrait drawn (by one of the worst portrait artists in the world, by the way) is one of my favorites. Spiderman in the background just popped up, went back to his lamppost, and then asked for some money!"

Sharon & Ozzy Osborne

"Shelby Duncan shooting Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne is one of the best things we’ve ever commissioned. I’ve never had the chance to meet Shelby, but what a photographer! This is another reason that I started Hunger – so that we would get to work with this calibre of talent and publish the work they create. This shoot represents what we’re all about. Ozzy with his box of chocolates – I’ve never seen anything so brilliantly normal in such a unique family. And I love how you can tell how much they’re still into each other."

Rhys Ifans

"Rhys was just up for it – brilliant and genius-like. It sounds harsh but everyone else has almost been a disappointment since him. He just gave us so much all day; everything he did was brilliant. Apart from Courtney Love, he’s the most rock and roll person I’ve ever met, and so poetic at the same time. It was the most exceptional shoot to launch with."

Monica Bellucci

"Monica is practically royalty in my book. When she came to the studio to be shot for Issue #2, it was like HRH Monica Bellucci had arrived. She has more dignity than anyone I’ve ever met and she never fails to dazzle me whenever I shoot her. This is also a special shoot for me because it was styled by Cathy Edwards, who tragically passed away last year. Cathy was one of the most talented stylists I’ve ever worked with and one of the kindest people in the world. She also just got what we were trying to do with Hunger from the very beginning. She supported it from day one, which I genuinely appreciated. It was an honor to have worked with her."

Memento Mori, Issue 07

"Memento Mori is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. We took a concept that was very much outside of what we normally do and then we put that together with beauty photography to create something new. I always love working with Andrew Gallimore. He never fails to amaze."

Be Still My Beating Heart, Issue 02

"This was an interesting shoot because this guy called Cooper Thompson emailed me asking if he could model for me. No one had done that before who I’d actually wanted to work with. He was from Australia and it was all pre-gender neutral, before that all became fashionable. And I remember people didn’t really want to do it but I thought he was just so incredible – he looked like a painting."

Fitting In, Issue 08

"Katja Mayer worked for me many years ago and I’ve followed her career with interest. The work she creates is as much the work of an artist as a photographer. She brings an extraordinary craft to every image. This shoot embodies that. There is just such an intimacy and sensitivity to it. But it is also important for what it says about Hunger’s stance on body politics. It goes beyond my own personal beliefs as a photographer. It is about empowering the woman and championing the human form. Regardless of size, gender or age. We won’t be pigeonholed or typecast."

Abbey Clancy, Issue 04

"Abbey suggested a nude shoot. It’s safe to say that her confidence just blew us all away on the day. She was really comfortable in front of the camera, the perfect model. I love the images we created together, they are strong and dynamic, very much like her."

Tick Tick Boom Boom, Issue 04

"Tick Tick Boom Boom is all about skin on skin. I had a lot of fun shooting this. It’s the kind of thing I love to do, taking something relatively safe like a high-end luxury watch campaign and adding a splash of something provocative. Combining two different worlds to create something new."

Hit the Showers, Issue 07

"We are all big fans of Camilla Christensen. She’s going to be one of the next wave of supermodels for sure. She’s got all the effortless charm and vibrant personality of the biggest names in the modeling game. This shoot does exactly what it says on the tin; getting dirty in the showers."

Hunger 10 - the 5th Birthday issue - is available at all good newsagents and book stores from March 21, priced $14.99/£6.95.

To get the full interview check #Hunger10.

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