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All year long, critics have been rightfully raving about Chicano heartthrob Cuco and his romantic, self-reflective love songs. When the California native isn’t busy putting work into his own projects, he makes an effort to try on other hats including doing production for Hunnah. The Ethopian-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter will have you hooked on her latest single “Crush” which we’re exclusively premiering right here. Regardless if your cuffing season was a success this time around, nothing keeps the heart beating like a succulent piece of eye candy.

“‘Crush’ is me day dreaming about what it would be like if I let my walls down and just honestly told someone how I feel,” Hunnah told us in an email. “It’s really about being vulnerable in a way that I find kind of impossible in my real life.”

“Crush” is featured on Hunnah’s forthcoming EP titled Show You which is dedicated to her late mother and expected to drop sometime in January 2019. Scroll down and stream the sweet tune in full.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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