Many of us are left to lament when our bags get ruined in the rain, or worse yet, when what's inside our bags get ruined. But Hunter, one of our favorite rainwear accessories makers, are here to help, now offering backpacks as part of their Original Brights collection. They come in two styles, in supple leather and bonded rubber versions, which both feature spacious external pockets, a padded laptop compartment, and an oversized nickel parachute clip closure. The leather one is composed of 100% coated calfskin while the rubber is bonded, making all of them water-resistant. With several colorways like military red, cobalt, black, yellow, and "peacock," you'll get plenty of options to choose your wet weather bag. We wonder why they didn't do this sooner. The black one will release tomorrow, on August 15, with the rest releasing on September 1. Only the yellow one will be available worldwide, while others will be open to the US.

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