The reviews are in and critics are unanimously overjoyed with Hustlers, starring Jennifer LopezCardi BLizzo, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart. The sequence in which Lopez performs to Fiona Apple's “Criminal” is enough to immediately win over '90s kids, but critics across generational lines are sharing their praise for the film's authentic, ambitious and impeccably plotted depiction of the scam of the summer. 

While it's not the first time strippers have been portrayed on the big screen, critics are suggesting it could be one of the best. Beyond the incredible (and true) story itself, the heist film is racking up rave reviews thanks in large part to its unbelievable ensemble cast. Director Lorene Scafaria has also received widespread kudos for her nuanced, raucous and visually compelling crime thriller.

First of all... J Lo

Lopez gives her most electrifying screen performance since “Out of Sight,” slipping the movie into her nonexistent pocket from the moment she strides out onto a neon-lighted stage in a rhinestone bodysuit.

The Los Angeles Times, Justin Chang

It seems Jennifer has finally found herself in the running for an Oscar nomination after three decades in Hollywood.

Metro, Alicia Adejobi

Wu and Lopez, especially, deserve accolades for the career-best work they put in here... You’ve never seen the movie star exude such gritty, carnal energy. It’s as discomfiting as it is mesmerizing.

The Daily Beast, Kevin Fallon

Lorene Scafaria has reinvented the stripper movie

“Hustlers” is the first contemporary film — hell, maybe even the only film — about strippers that comes to its audience with a distinctly female gaze, a movie about women (who happen to be exotic dancers) that’s for other women.

Indie Wire, Kate Erbland

Scafaria excels at immersing the audience in the world of sex work in clubs, quietly disabusing us scene by scene of any stereotypes about who these women are. Part workplace dramedy, part revenge fantasy, the film weaves together a series of satisfying, organic-feeling turns.

Hollywood Reporter, Beandrea July

With “Hustlers” being ostensibly the “Avengers” and "Star Wars" of stripper movies, Scafaria juggles a large cast well and still keeps the momentum humming along.

Usa Weekly, Brian Tuitt

The hype is real

Flashy, fleshy and all-around impossible to ignore, “Hustlers” amounts to nothing less than a cultural moment.

Variety, Peter Debruge

There are so many immediate pleasures and vicarious thrills to be had in Hustlers, a giddy, gaudy blast of a movie, that it’s easy to forget the intricate framework which houses it.

The Guardian, Benjamin Lee

With an all-star cast led by a fierce Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers is a glossy crowdpleaser that shatters the male gaze. But in avoiding titillation, Hustlers ends up taking some of the teeth out of a sharp, sensuous, and satisfying true-life scam story.

Slashfilm, Hoai Tran-Bui

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