Ian Connor dropped by the offices of online retailer SSENSE recently for a full photo shoot and interview. While we also got the chance to speak with the self-proclaimed "King of the Youth" a few months back, the 22-year-old's conversation with SSENSE touched on today's hottest topics, such as Instagram and YEEZY Season.

Recently appointed to Kanye West's creative team, Connor has carved a niche for himself by being "the first of my kind and the only. So therefore I’m the best." No stranger to controversy, enjoy some choice quotes below and follow the link at the bottom for the entire interview.

Have people always admired your style?

Yeah, even when I was weird. Like, before “fashion,” I was weird, but people fucked with me. They wouldn’t do it, or they wouldn’t understand it, but they fucked with it.

Do you remember a first, favorite piece of clothing that got you into high fashion?

Actually, I still have flannels from when I was literally 17. Like poor as fuck. That I have now, that I still wear. So certain things I still really cling on to. Like, I. Will. Lose. Raf. Shirts [clapping for emphasis]. Like, I lost this shirt! [Pulls up his shirt and points to a tattoo of a Raf Simons shirt on his stomach] I lost this Raf shirt and I didn’t give a fuck!

And creative consulting for Kanye West, that’s like the all-star team. How did that come about?

It was over years, since I was under Virgil at like 19. When Virgil reached out to me I didn’t know who he was – I didn’t know what a creative director was, what the job titled consisted of to Kanye. But the n*gga I actually did look up to was this guy A$AP Bari, who is Rocky’s best friend. I saw that he looked up to Virgil, so it’s like a chain. Just like the kids who look up to me who don’t know who Bari is, but they know I look up to Bari, they’re gonna look up to him just because that’s your idol’s idols, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s your father’s father, so you automatically gotta fuck with your grandfather. And that’s what it was with Virgil. And it wasn’t until around YEEZY Season 2, once I started doing work with Kanye and shit, that’s when Ye started to really fuck with me, see what’s inside my head.

Read the full piece here.

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