The year in music still has several more surprises up its sleeve (hey Frank Ocean), but it feels safe to say that “Panda,” the ubiquitous hit from Kanye-discovery Desiigner, will rank among the most important tracks of the year. It is literally everywhere, in more versions than you can imagine. But what we don’t have is a version of the song sung by beefcake actor Idris Elba in a chipmunk voice. Well, we didn’t have that version until just now.

Idris Elba graced the stage of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film Bastille Day. Naturally a few games were played, and the host invited Elba for a round of “Box of Microphones,” wherein a contestant sings a well-known song into a microphone that will alter their voice. In addition to Elba’s rousing, high-pitched rendition of Desiigner, Fallon gives a curious performance of Drake’s summer hit “One Dance,” and the two eventually pair for a duet of Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” that culminates in an onslaught of vocal effects.

Watch Elba’s full appearance above, and stay tuned for any further versions of Desiigner that come our way.

In related news, Desiigner hopped on a stellar remix of Rich the Kid’s “Plug Callin.”

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