idris elba doll
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There are myriad ways to use a grand. You could take your other half away on a luxury holiday, buy a shiny new iPhone X, or be a responsible adult (zZzZzZ) and save the cash for a rainy day. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of former TV personality Montel Williams, you could drop it all on this $1,100 lookalike doll of the man himself by British toy manufacturer Emperis.

But hold fire before reaching for that credit card, ’90s chat show fanatic. Because the toy in question isn’t Montel at all. Nope, despite all evidence to the contrary, the man you’re looking at is actually Idris Elba — yep, that Idris Elba — Stringer Bell Idris Elba — charming, husky-toned British actor and People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018 Idris Elba.

The figurine appeared online earlier this week much to the bemusement and horror of Elba’s fans, many of whom had questions. Why is it so long? Why does it have, like, no hair? What’s with those turned up jeans and the suit jacket insouciantly flung over the shoulder? “This doll is meant to be Idris Elba, I am dying,” wrote one person, while another concerned observer tweeted, “Wait, that doll was supposed to be Idris Elba? Somebody needs to fix that!”

Emperis appears to have taken that advice on board, as the toy has now been removed from its website. Either that, or it has inexplicably sold out.

Still, regardless of its dissimilarity to the source inspiration, the Montel — sorry, Idris — doll has captured Twitter’s imagination. Peep the best reactions below.

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