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Ikea / Proximity London

When IKEA launched its couch building tool Vallentuna, it took the internet no time at all to begin designing all manner of furniture-adjacent monstrosities. Twitter users spurned budgets constraints to share their powerful designs. See some of the most inventive uses of the sofa-building tool below.

The Swedish homewares brand was so impressed with the response it received and the creativity unleashed that it has now launched “the world’s comfiest font.” Each letter of the IKEA font is composed of pieces of sofa and designed using the same Vallentuna sofa planning tool.

Marcos Tejedor, from IKEA UK and Ireland told The Drum: “We’ve been really enjoying seeing the fun that people are having with our sofas, and the innovative solutions they are creating. Inspired by their creativity, we’ve launched Soffa Sans: the world’s comfiest font. Its modular form and relaxed letter-spacing makes it one of the most versatile fonts out there and we’re looking forward to seeing where it’s used.”

The Drum has calculated that the 1434 products that make up the Soffa Sans alphabet would cost £106,320 (approximately $135,027 USD) if made in the most popular, dark gray cushion.

You can download the font for yourself here.

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