IKEA is widely known for its vast selection of ready-to-assemble furniture and houseware items, but chances are you’ve also heard about, or even tried, the meatballs from their cafeteria. In an effort to present dishes that are good for people and the planet, the Scandinavian chain is currently testing food items made from insects, lab-grown meat, and crops grown in water instead of soil, Business Insider reports.

After making their famous meatballs vegan back in 2015, IKEA is looking to continue the healthy food trend by reinventing the dish. Now, one may find the meatballs made with bugs, as tested in Space10, the company’s future-living lab in Copenhagen.

As it stands, however, IKEA has no plans of making these new items available on the menu, instead insisting that they are attempting to merely “come up with dishes that look good, taste good — and are good for people and planet.”

For more on IKEA’s healthy food initiative, visit Business Insider.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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