ilovemakonnen drunk on saturday listen m3
Getty Images / Chelsea Guglielmino

iLoveMakonnen just dropped a new track called “Drunk On Saturday,” as well as announcing an upcoming EP titled M3.

Based off the name, you might think the track will be an upbeat club banger, but lyrically it’s actually a somewhat sad song about missing someone. Take a listen below.

M3 is described as “an intro into my life after 2017.” Check out the track list below, which includes “Spendin’,” January’s track featuring Gucci Mane.

1. “Liquid Supply Daily”
2. “I’m Not Ok”
3. “Drunk On Saturday”
4. “Shoot Shoot”
5. “Money Fiend”
6. “Spendin’” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

The EP drops via Warner Bros. on June 21.

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