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Getty Images / Chelsea Guglielmino

After releasing “Drunk On Saturday” back in May, iLoveMakonnen has now dropped “Shoot Shoot” from his forthcoming EP titled M3. Take a listen below.

M3 is described as “an intro into my life after 2017,” when he was presumably still getting drunk on a Tuesday. Check out the tracklist below, which includes “Spendin’,” January’s track featuring Gucci Mane.

1. “Liquid Supply Daily”
2. “I’m Not Ok”
3. “Drunk On Saturday”
4. “Shoot Shoot”
5. “Money Fiend”
6. “Spendin’” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

As well as dropping tracks from the imminent release of M3, the rapper appeared alongside Fall Out Boy on a magical video for the late Lil Peep-assisted single, “I’ve Been Waiting.” Take a look at the video here.

M3 drops via Warner Bros. on June 21.

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