Iman is one of the many modern artists transcending the boundaries of categorization in both his personal and professional life. Earlier this month, the singer-songwriter dropped his enlightening self-titled EP. Today, we’re premiering the forward-thinking visual for the full project which is bursting with self-love as Iman openly speaks his truth. Over email, Iman told us that the inspiration for the EP is color and the concept of coming alive.

“The closer I get to my spirituality, the more colorful this world becomes. Things that used to be mundane are now vivid and alive,” he explained. “It’s about shaking the distorted filters of doubt, self hate, and confusion that have haunted my life in order to live more freely and colorfully. The EP starts off in a place of confusion and disillusionment and then moves into peace, acceptance, and clarity. It’s my attempt to renovate my inner world in order to revitalize my outer. This is a project full of musical textures, lyrical hues, and conscious tones. It’s about me finding me in a sea of color.”

Watch the whole EP come to life in the cute video above, and scroll down to stream it in full on your own time.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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