This week In The Mail brings us memories of our childhood. From airplanes to school supplies, we're all set to embrace our inner kid. Like always, we really do appreciate the love we receive. Here's our thanks.

Turbo Flyer Airplane by Tait Design Co. 

Tait Design Co. sent us over this balsa wood model plane that really took us back to our childhood. With a very simple set up, they were up and flying in seconds. The Turbo Flyer is lots of fun, but maybe too much for the office. Please fly it safely. We hear this guy can sore up to 50 feet! Pick it up here.

Slogan Pencils by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co

Keep the ideas flowing with this set of slogan pencils from Portland's Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. While pens offer a sense of permanency, there is something truly classic and youthful about a good old wooden pencil. Each one features a quote printed in gold foil to keep you inspired. Made in the USA. Pick up the set of five here.

Word. Polygon Notebooks

Although we receive more than our fair share of notebooks, we can't get enough from Word. In packs of three, these notepads are the perfect size for your back pocket. It's important to have some type of idea-capturing device at all times -- a real sheet of paper is always nice and permanent. Pick up a pack here.

Leather Trucker's Wallet by Roots

Our In The Mail last week showcased a vintage-style sweatshirt from Roots. Only until later did we discover this amazing Horween leather chain wallet hiding in the garment's front pocket. For those who can pull off the chain-hanging-from-pocket look, it's one bad ass one. Find the wallet here.

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