Despite the permanence of tattoos, many people put little thought into them, and drunken bad decisions have fueled booming tattoo shop industries in places like Magaluf and Zante.

Nonetheless, there are still many people who put a lot of thought into their tattoos and stress over them relentlessly. Now, the developers at Ink Hunter have made the decision-making process that comes with new ink a little bit more informed and a tiny bit easier by creating an app that lets you visualize potential new tattoos in augmented reality.

Basically, the app uses your phones camera to scan whichever area of the body you're thinking of marking for life, then uses AR to display whichever design you had in mind onto its surface area. A trio of algorithms do their best to give a realistic visualization of what said design would look like in reality, rather than some a poor MS Paint job.

And the best part about it? It's for free. So even if you don't want a tattoo you can imagine what you'd look like in some alternate dimension where you do. Head over to iTunes for the DL.

Tattoos used to be for tough guys, but now even Justin Bieber has them. Watch him explain the meaning behind his vast collection of ink in the video below.

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