BEAMS-at Home-Book-00

Some interior inspiration biz as BEAMS release the BEAMS at Home book for the nosey parkers among us. 130 members of the company's staff from all corners of the organisation and various spots around the globe, invite us into their spaces, and wardrobes, in this heavyweight 430 page volume put together by Yusuke Osawa of RCKT/Rocket Company. A beautiful mish-mash of styles and tastes, personal collections and private obsessions, Osawa notes "we went to do shooting at Mr. Shitara’s home (BEAMS CEO), and he looked through all the pages and said, “everyone’s so different, but they’re all BEAMS, aren’t they?” From African and American art to surf paraphernalia and vintage clothing, this carefully edited book offers a fascinating peek into the folks behind Japan's much-loved department store.

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