richard rogers

A beautiful film from Nowness as we get to snoop around another fantastic, tear-inducing home. This time we go behind the keyhole with architect Richard Rogers,  (Pompidou Centre,  Lloyds of London, The Millennium Dome…) and Chef/Restauranteur Ruth Rogers (of legendary River Cafe.) Their huge Georgian terrace in Chelsea was chosen for its prime view, its layout  (“not too vertical”) and the incredible amount of space given its inner-city location. Works by Andy Warhol, Philip Guston and Cy Twombly, a sprawling mezzanine library and plenty of bright colour which Mr Rogers himself matches with great skill, even the dramatic staircase feels like a work or art. The couple clearly still very much in love with the converted space after 30 years, “…that the Rogers refer to the living space as a “piazza” is significant; the communal spirit of Italy, and in particular Florence where Richard was born, is an enduring influence on them both.” A film by Matthew Donaldson. Press play.

Words by Lena Dystant