We recently had the pleasure of heading up to Cumbernauld, Scotland to see some true outerwear masters at work. A global brand with a personal approach, Mackintosh have been producing their no-nonsense raincoats in the area for some time now and while "technical" and "heritage" still dominate the menswear conversation, this company has quietly embodied both for over 150 years.

The coming together of two inventors, Charles McIntosh and Thomas Hancock, their revolutionary rubberisation process is still used to create Mackintosh coats today. In fact, little of the production process has changed, each job requiring a highly-skilled pair of hands, every coat inspected down to the last label stitch and glued seam.

So, no surprise then that when a brand wants a mac they turn to the original. While we were in the factory coats for both Margaret Howell and Freemans Sporting Club were being constructed beside a handful of luxury, European names we'll keep under wraps for now. The original Scottish raincoat still very much in demand, we head inside the Mackintosh factory to follow the process from start to finish.

Images:Ivan Ogilvie/Selectism.com

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