Fresh from announcing its plans to take on (read: firing shots) at Snapchat with its new “stories” feature, Instagram has begun to roll out another new, slightly controversial feature. In an announcement last week, the app unveiled its plans for a comment-filtering process that would eliminate the work of abusive and annoying trolls entirely. The only catch? It will only be available for users with “high-volume comment threads,” aka celebrities.

This first became evident during the height of the recent Taylor Swift publicity shitstorm. After news broke of her lies, many internet users swamped her Instagram account with emoji of snakes. These snakes suddenly and mysteriously began to disappear, leading many to (correctly) speculate that Instagram was helping her in the removal and prevention of the hate-spam.

It now seems that Taylor was the first recipient of this new feature, of which we now have definitive proof. Chrissy Teigen, the one and only, has been a proponent for hate speech prevention for a while now, and took to Twitter to share how Instagram is aiding her in the prevention of certain words from appearing on her Instagram comments.

This feature has also ben offered to Kylie Jenner, who shared on Twitter that she’s willing to go far enough to remove her comments sections entirely.

Whether this feature will be allowed to us plebeians with less than a thousand followers remains to be seen, but rest assured that the amount of hate-speech directed toward your celebrity crushes will now be next to nonexistent.

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