Shortly after adding a screenshot notification function, Instagram has unveiled a set of features that allow users to not only 'like' and disable comments, but also remove followers.

The new permissions will become available to those who've updated the app on iOS and Android. Find a rundown of how they work below.

'Liking' comments

Users can now get all Twitter-y by "liking" individual comments with a tiny red love heart. And doing so couldn't be easier. Simply double click the greyed-out heart icon to show your treasured follower that you appreciate what they have to say.

Removing followers

Before, the only way get rid of an unwanted follower was by blocking them, but now users can do so with the new "remove" function. Once your account is private, click the three dots which appear next to the followers name and click the pop-up which appears. Take that, weird and creepy ex!

But be warned, as the person can freely re-follow should you make your account public again.

Switching off comments

Instagram now allows you to switch off comments on both new and old posts. When uploading a photo or video, the option will appear under the "advanced sharing" list, while you can do likewise on archived posts by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner and following the same steps.

The functions are part of a wider attempt by Instagram at tightening up the platform to make it more user-friendly. Last month, a system was rolled out which lets users anonymously report suspected cases of self-harm, whereby a team reviews the submitted reports and, should the concerns be founded, puts the individual in touch with a real-world organization offering help. Other new features include zoom and shopping tags.

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