Russian designer Misha Petrick decided to find out what Instagram would look like had it been launched over 20 years ago, and instead of being an iPhone app it had been a Windows 95.exe program. As you do.

To do it, Petrick created a bunch of mockup animations showing how the popular photo-sharing app would look had it been confined to the GUI of Microsoft's early, now iconic, operating system. And it doesn't look like the most user-friendly experience.

Windows 95's limited color palette and pixelated fonts, combined with the minimal processing power of desktop PCs 20 years ago, would have resulted in a more than disappointing range of filters as well as a feed limited to animated GIFs and low-res clipart. Check it out below.

Selecting a filter for your photo:

Your profile page and like/comment notifications:

Scrolling through your feed:

Check it out in action below, and head over to Pertrick's Behance account for more.

Meanwhile, the actual Instagram app is taking on Snapchat with a new stories feature.

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