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It’s strange to think about how Toro Y Moi‘s Outer Space came out three months ago. One of the album highlights is the closing track “50-50” which features indie electronic artist Instupendo a.k.a. Aidan Peterson. Today, we’re premiering his new single “Cinderella” fresh off his forthcoming Boys By Girls EP.

The lush track is a synthesized symphony that belongs on the soundtrack of a millennial fairytale that takes place in a digital purgatory. The Philadelphia-bred artist further elaborated on the charming song in an email to Highsnobiety.

“‘Cinderella’ is about the feeling of being a princess around someone—that you’re both protected and respected,” he said. “It’s like nothing else in the whole world. I’m still pretty new to these feelings, but I wanted to write something that tried to describe this.”

Boys By Girls explores themes that touch on “state of mind, emotion, and identity.” He adds, “I’ve always felt closer to girls, like I can be myself with them without having to conform to the kinds of expectations guys often project on each other. The stories and feelings I’m conveying through many of the songs on this project are about being able to just ‘be,’ to be the boy I am when I’m around girls.”

Instupendo’s EP is officially slated to drop on June 5. Until then, stream the full song below.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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