Do you have a thing for "made local" or the romanticism of open source design? New upstart Opendesk packs both with its entirely new take on manufacturing and distributing furniture.

Unless your best friend is a carpenter, custom furniture must be shipped from the source, which is typically quite expensive. Thinking about indulging in a bespoke birch wood desk from Europe? Forget about it. The shipping is probably more than the damn object.

Thanks to a not-so-new technology called a "CNC Mill" and the idea of open source sharing, Opendesk has made the idea of custom manufacturing furniture an affordable reality. The concept is simple: pre-made digital designs exist on Opendesk's website where users can opt to order or customize (if you have the design savvy). The files are sent to a local manufacturer where heavy birch ply pieces are custom cut, flat-packed, and shipped to your door. Pretty cool.

All of the in-house designed desks offer a guaranteed 14-day delivery in London. We're sure this offer will be extended elsewhere once the manufacturing network grows. Keep an eye on this one.

Explore the possibilities here.

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