Apple's new iOS.3 feature will allow users to check the status of their battery and disable performance throttling if the feature is active.

After an early release of the iOS 11.2.2 security fix, iOS 11.3 is slated to roll out this spring and will feature an "opt out" setting for performance throttling for the iPhone 6 and above. If you cast your mind back to last month, users accused Apple of deliberately slowing down older iPhones, thus forcing them into upgrading their handsets to newer models. Apple denied this claim, saying that throttling was designed to mitigate the very high and quick peaks of power draw that can lead to problems with older batteries, causing them to shut down unexpectedly. You can read the company's formal apology here.

For those looking to activate the 'opt-out' function of performance throttling, simply go to Settings > Battery and view your battery's health status. If your iPhone does need a battery swap, Apple says iOS 11.3 will tell you so.

Also included in the iOS 11.3 update is more animojis, augmented reality options courtesy of ARKit, business chat — which enables iOS users to talk directly to businesses from Messenger — and the ability to read and delete your iMessages across all Apple products.

Stay posted for more on the update once officially released.

Till then, check out Game of Throne's Emilia Clarke introduce the newly updated animojis

  • Source:Betanews
  • Main & Featured Image:Sefa Karacan / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

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