Apple is expected to unveil its next flagship iPhone with the iPhone XI later this fall, with the first reported leak already suggesting a new three-camera design. While the purported iPhone XII is suggested to debut in 2020, at the earliest, industrial designer Miloš Toman has taken the initiative to envision just what the 2020 iPhone would look like.

In the concept, the model is similar to Apple’s current iPhone X and iPhone XS, composed of steel and glass, but Toman visualized it in an all-screen design, along with incorporating the rumored three-camera setup on the back, which houses the lens in the same vertical layout as the current iPhone X and XS.

As depicted, the rendered execution is stunning and it's a design which all iPhone users have coveted since the arrival of iPhone X. Even Apple’s Chief design officer, Jony Ive, expressed in 2017 that he has a desire for the iPhone to appear like a "single sheet of glass." This concept fulfills that goal, minus Face ID but the addition of a more improved fingerprint reader embedded in the display. However, as Apple's current product pipeline suggests, the company has no plans in eliminating Face ID, but reportedly working on new tech to embed the different sensors utilized by Face ID beneath the screen, thus achieving the all-screen design that perhaps may be debuting as early as 2020.

Enjoy this gorgeous iPhone XII concept by Miloš Toman with an accompanying YouTube video below, showcasing the design. For more from Toman, you can check out his other work here.

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