Sebastian Faena recently shot this editorial of Irina Shayk for the latest issue of VMAN, out next month. In the issue, supermodel Irina Shayk opens up to Derek Blasberg about going from life as a simple farm girl in nowhere, Russia to a global celebrity with a superstar footballer boyfriend:

DB We hear so often of an ugly duckling who turns into a swan. Were you teased as a little girl?

IS Sure, kids made fun of me because I was so skinny and I always had these free haircuts from my sister. I remember when I was 14 I wanted high heel boots and they cost $25, but we couldn’t afford them. So I worked in a hospital for 20 days painting the walls to make the $25. I remember the other kids making fun of me for that: Who is this weird, skinny girl in those high heel boots? But I didn’t care.

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