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On this episode of The Dropcast, hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Jabari “Jacuzzi” Khaled, founder of Basketball Skateboards and under-the-radar creative who’s worked with your favorite designer’s favorite designers. Jacuzzi talks about putting Basketball Skateboards on hold and teases his next project, which should be even more fire. Then Noah shares a story about his first time in London and getting roasted for his Suicokes. We also discuss the most fire pieces from our Stranger Things 3 collab, which just dropped this week. So while you’re listening to the latest episode, you should do yourself a favor and cop a piece or two (please, it helps us keep lights on, and we’re tired of eating peanut butter soup for lunch).

Things get a bit heated when the conversation turns to Kim Kardashian‘s “SolutionsWear” line, which she first called Kimono. That’s fine and all but then she attempted to copyright the term “kimono,” which definitely did not make the internet happy.

Then we turn to Dropcast listeners to weigh in on the QOTW: What’s the most underrated skate brand right now?

AND BOY DOES THAT OPEN UP A WHOLE ‘NOTHER CAN OF WORMS. The VMs are piping hot with takes, but we end up with more questions like what constitutes a “skate brand” today? What’s the importance of supporting “rider-run” labels from skaters? In general, how skate culture and street culture have become more similar than ever, but still have a few key differences.

As always, call The Dropcast Hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to end up in a future episode. See you next week!

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