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Jaden Smith has taken a leaf out of the Kardashian-Jenner playbook by matching his car to his clothes.

Smith was spotted in an as-yet-unreleased bright pink hoodie from his own ERYS merch line while doing some shopping — with reusable bags, it’s worth noting — in Calabasas, California. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, except for the fact the rapper has had his Tesla Model X wrapped in shocking pink to match.

Dressing to match your ride has become the ultimate celebrity flex. Kanye West recently got his new Lamborghini Urus SUV wrapped in matte beige, which fits the neutral aesthetic of a lot of his ’fits. West’s wife Kim Kardashian took the pairing idea a step further, famously matching her neon green hair to her Lamborghini.

Kylie Jenner is especially fond of matching her clothes and cars, but it seems she just owns a lot of vehicles in different colors. Smith, on the other hand, appears to prefer keeping the one car. The rapper is a big Tesla fan, having bought the Model X before it was even on the market and performed atop a suspended Model X during his Coachella set this year.

On this episode of the Dropcast we are joined by Erik Ellington of Deathwish & Baker Boys and Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds. The two self-made titans of industry talk about the continued mainstream-ification of skateboarding and streetwear, and share some killer insight on building a label independently. Check below.

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