After gracing the cover of Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 15, Jaden Smith has just released his new album SYRE, which has already garnered a lot of positive reactions on social media.

To celebrate the album’s release and Jaden’s creativity, we’ve tried our best to decipher a selection of Jaden’s most mystifying and confusing tweets, which you can check out below.

Wokeness leads to unwokeness

We’ll start with a really simple one. Jaden mused that staying awake longer leads to sleep for longer periods of time. Well, duh.

The more you deprive your body of sleep by staying awake, the more tired you get. This in turn leads to the body shutting down and catching up on all of that lost sleep, hence you will spend more time asleep.

Jaden knows that the more you tire yourself out now, the less awake you’ll be later when it matters.

Jaden Syre the science guy

With this tweet Jaden is flexing his nuanced knowledge of science. Although the myth that your body replaces all of its cells every seven years is, in fact, just that – a myth – Jaden’s tweet isn’t really talking about that.

What he’s trying to say is we’re forever changing and even if your physical features stay the same, the person inside all of those skin cells will be very different to the one that was there seven years ago.

Jaden’s world has no borders

Jaden’s world has no borders and nor should it. This tweet is almost three years old now but would be just as relevant today as it might not have been back then. Considering the refugee crisis in Europe and Trump’s war on immigration, it’s pretty easy to see what Jaden is saying here.

We’re all humans born on the same planet and borders, nations, and customs are all social constructs that originally may have been created to keep a certain level of order in the world, but in reality are just a nuisance and hindrance to many people.

Jaden on celebrity culture

Jaden sees right through the bullshit that celebrity culture can be and gets straight to the point. “Us,” of course, refers to people like Jaden, celebrities in the spotlight that are written about on an almost daily basis and are featured on late night television.

Due to that media circus, more important issues are only given three seconds in the local news or entirely brushed off. Again, this tweet was as relevant then as it is now.

On conflict

Another one that’s simpler than it looks. Jaden is referencing the infamous dress that had the internet split between what color it was. Ultimately, that dress is only one color but conflicts arise from clashing opinions, biases and viewpoints.

What Jaden wants to say here is that to solve a conflict (or at least to agree to disagree) you need to step back and examine what is causing you to have differing opinions in the first place.

On unbiased information

Ouch, shots fired. What Jaden is saying here is that a lot of stuff written about celebrities is simply untrue and made up to generate clicks. You already knew that but a lot of people don’t. Jaden goes a step further to suggest celebrities will start giving their fans information straight from the source.

We’ve seen it in sports with the Player’s Tribune and we’re seeing more and more celebrities use social media to that effect.

2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick maths

Jaden doesn’t mean he’s doing algebra because he can’t sleep. He hasn’t gotten out of bed to sit at his desk and go through his calculus textbook. He’s counting sheep and because counting is technically addition and therefore math, he’s doing math.

Jaden on truth

Basically Jaden is saying that truth exists in its purest form. The moment you need to organize truth into an argument that will better serve your needs, whatever they may be, it gets warped. And once the truth gets warped it isn’t the actual truth anymore – it’s a lie.

The tweet of all Jaden tweets

It’s immediately very clear that Jaden is talking about personal biases here and not eyes physically not existing. There are several layers to this tweet so bear with me while I break it down.

Firstly, eyes are not real because of everyone’s biases. Whether they come from past experiences, education, or one’s environment, everyone has biases and therefore a very different view of the world. So, if what you’re seeing isn’t an accurate representation of the world, your eyes can’t be real.

Secondly, if eyes aren’t real, Jaden doubts the authenticity of mirrors. What do mirrors do? They reflect what you see. With your eyes. Therefore, through simple deduction, mirrors can not and are not real.

I’m going to go one deeper than Jaden here and say that if eyes and mirrors aren’t real, neither are you. Or me for that matter. Because mirrors show us a reflection of ourselves, which we see with our own eyes through our own biases we can not (if we’re buying in to this logic – which we are, by the way) be real. Boom, mind blown.

*Disclaimer: I don’t really know what Jaden Smith was trying to say with all of those tweets but I would love to – so if you disagree, let me know in the comments below.

If you haven’t yet, check out Jaden’s interview with Highsnobiety for Issue 15 where he talks about why he wants people to love themselves.

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