Although the word "denim" originated from a French material and jeans were born in America, it's in Japan where you'll find the world's best denim produced today. This year, Devin Leisher, the director of denim film Warp and Weft, is returning with another documentary about the world of Japanese denim.

The original idea for Weaving Shibusa was born from Leisher's research into the world of denim. Upon reaching a point in his research where the answers to his questions were stifled by a lack of available resources and collective online knowledge, Leisher took it upon himself to fill this glaring gap.

The film features interviews with the creators of various top-end denim companies such as The Flat Head, Fullcount, Japan Blue, Rampuya and Iron Heart.

Leisher traveled all over Japan to experience and document the production of Japanese denim; the film even showcases a visit to Shinya Mills in Ibarra, where the denim of Full Count & Co., The Real McCoys, Denime and Japan Blue are woven.

With help from Self Edge, who will be throwing the film's premiere event and after party, Weaving Shibusa is scheduled to debut in early August at the famed Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

To purchase tickets for the premiere make sure you visit Self Edge.

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