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Trump insinuates assassination of Hillary Clinton

At a rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump stoked the fears of gun-owning nuts by warning how a Clinton victory would lead to the appointment of a liberal-leaning supreme court judge, which would be the death knell for the right to bear arms. He then proceeded to goad second-amendment fundamentalists into assassinating her by saying “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” Usually I'm full of snide putdowns, but this one has really left me speechless. – New York Times

Japan isn't having sex anymore

The Japanese are so disinterested in sex that it's become a major problem for the country. A survey of 1,134 people ranging 16 to 49 years in age revealed that some 49.3% of them haven't had sex in the past month. That number is pretty split between the genders, with 48.3% of men in desperate need of some action, while 50.1% of women haven't gotten any, marking a 5% increase in sexlessness over the past two years. – The Independent

Italy wants to ban parents from imposing vegan diet on children

Elvira Saviano, a center-right Italian politician, wants to prosecute vegan parents that impose their animal-free diet on their children with a potential six years in prison. Named the "Saviano law," its purpose is to "stigmatise the reckless and dangerous eating behavior imposed by parents ... to the detriment of minors," because there are fears that a vegan diet denies giving children the iron and vitamins that they need to grow into fully functional human beings. Or maybe Saviano is just a pawn of the pizza industry, which sees the growing popularity of veganism as a threat to its business model? I dunno faghettaboutit. – The Guardian

Facebook has beaten adblockers

The rise of adblockers was a clear message from the people that advertising is a horrible irritant and our world is so oversaturated with it that we can't handle it anymore. But rather than listen to popular sentiment and make ads less invasive and less terrible, Facebook has helped design a system that overrides adblockers, forcing their ads into your visual field anyway. A new update has made the HTML of its web ads indistinguishable from organic content so it can slip by adblockers. There will be some controls on what you want to see and what you don't, so it's not entirely terrible, but significantly more terrible and a total opt-out. – TechCrunch

Michael Phelps wins gold...again

U.S. swimmer, Michael Phelps, was already the most successful Olympian of all time before he won his 21st gold medal, the latest to a total medal haul of 25. But he didn't just win his 21st gold, he won his 20th as well, both on the same night, as he emerged victorious in the men's 4x200 metres Olympic freestyle relay as well as the 200m butterfly. His victories help extend Team USA's lead at the top of the 2016 Olympic medal charts. – Al Jazeera


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