For some people, summer starts on June 21, but for the rest of us it starts when the another awkward photo of JAY-Z playing sports hits the web. Today is that day. A picture, which actually dates back to a trip he and Beyoncé took to Italy in 2016, shows HOV looking like the only human being not enjoying being on a jet ski. The questionable helmet he's rocking is also doing him no favors. However, when you're worth a billion dollars we don't blame him.

Naturally, the internet wasted no time turning the photo into another great viral meme. “Jay Z is the first person on a jet-ski to look like they’re commuting to work,” another tweeted. We can officially add this to the collection of "JAY-Z does awkward sports" photos.

Check out the Internets reaction below.

Also, JAY-Z told Will Smith the video of him slapping a reporter was his best work.

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