Jennifer Lawrence recently took a filmed lie detector test, and unsurprisingly the results are pretty hilarious. The American actress was invited by Vanity Fair to take the test, and she was grilled on everything from beauty to the Illuminati.

Hot off the heels of an interview with Stephen Colbert at The Late Show where she admitted she has a crush on Larry David, Vanity Fair digs into the movie star’s psyche. Check out the video above to see who her favorite Kardashian is, whether or not she believes in aliens and the afterlife, and what kind of tipper she is.

Surprisingly, despite starring in three X-Men movies so far as Storm, she was unable to name five X-Men characters. Lawrence’s newest starring role is in Red Sparrow, where she plays a Russian ballerina turned intelligence agent. Revisit the trailer below.

In other news, read about how the best acting performance of the year was from an Instagram hustler right here.

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