The internet is feeling bemused by Jennifer Lopez's latest outfit. The singer stepped out at Music Choice in New York yesterday, opting for a pair of denim Versace boots — or "joots," if you will — which have split opinion, to put it mildly.

Plucked from the Italian brand's Resort 2019 collection, the slouchy-fitting jean-style boots — rear pockets, belt loops, and belts included — gave off the mild impression J-Lo's pants had fallen down when styled with an oversized white shirt.

Here's how people are reacting to the polarizing footwear:

Camp Yes

Camp WTAF?

Camp Hell No

If anyone can pull off a look like this, it's Lopez. And it's certainly not the first time she's been on the end of a public roasting after wearing Versace. When she wore a (now iconic) green chiffon low-cut gown to the 2000 Grammys, not only did South Park co-creator Trey Parker wear an imitation to the Oscars a month later (while tripping on acid, no less), The Simpsons' Agnes Skinner (aka Principal Skinner's overbearing mom) decided to don the dress, too. Perhaps J-Lo will spark off a "joots" craze.

So, how do you feel about J-Lo's "joots?" Share your thoughts in the comments.

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