For the latest print edition of GQ, the magazine sat down with its February cover star, Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel, who is due to host this year's Oscars, has made headlines because of his emotional monologues. From calling for gun control following the Las Vegas shooting to getting personal about his son's health care issues — and the struggles of families like his — the host spent 2017 opening up to his fans.

Unsurprisingly, a lot the profile focused on Kimmel's political moments — and his tears — but it also proved that he isn't moving away from light-hearted comedy any time soon.

Below are the five best takeaways from the article. Check them out, then head over to GQ for the full profile.

He loves Twitter beefs — and said his fight with Kanye West made him "so happy"

When I got in a Twitter battle with Kanye, I was so happy. My wife makes fun of me. She's like, ‘You are so happy right now.’ I'm absolutely beaming. I feel very confident in a situation like that.”

He received a death threat

“So, the Incredible Hulk came to our office and told one of our producers that the guy who dressed as Batman had bought a gun to shoot me. Our crack security team posted pictures of the guy, but in his Batman costume. I don't think he knew the Hulk ratted him out, so he showed up on the boulevard, and the cops arrested him and took him to jail.”

He thinks Jesus would have been funny

"I want to imagine that Jesus had a sense of humor. There had to be one disciple that everyone made fun of, you know? Probably Judas. I don't think making a joke is unholy. I don't think curse words are against the teachings of the church. When you tell a joke, you're honoring people, telling them you know them, that you're paying attention to them and that you have some understanding of who they are."

He struggled on his way to becoming a star

“One of the things that really burns my ass, when people describe me as a member of ‘the Hollywood elite,’ is the 12 years of eating shit and making no money and going to the ATM and hoping that you have more than $20 so that you can eat lunch."

And pissed off a lot of his bosses

“I was not very diplomatic. I rubbed almost every one of my bosses the wrong way. The rest of the staff loved me, but the bosses… In Seattle my partner Kent and I would secretly tape our meetings when our program director was yelling at us, and we'd play them back on the air the next day. And then I genuinely could not understand why he'd be angry about it. I was like, ‘Isn't this what's best for the show, what's best for all of us here?’ I was oblivious. I was not reading other people well.”

In other news, Jimmy Kimmel throws shade at Trump using Google’s Arts & Culture app.

  • Source:GQ
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