jimmy kimmel translates yg go loko lyrics

How many times have your parents or grandparents told you that they just can’t understand the rap music you listen to? Because of scenarios similar to this, Jimmy Kimmel has initiated a special segment called “New Lyrics for Old People” on his award-winning talk show. For the latest installment, Kimmel welcomes YG to the stage, as the two tackle the California rapper’s most recent single, “Go Loko.”

As Jimmy Kimmel Live! puts it, “Go Loko” is a “beautiful song about life, love, and relationships,” however, due to YG’s more informal verbiage, it may be hard for some slang-challenged listeners to comprehend. Again, this is where Jimmy Kimmel comes in to lend a hand.

To witness Kimmel hilariously translate YG’s “Go Loko” lyrics for older people, press play above.

Anyone prefer Jimmy’s version?

Not NYC, not LA.