If David Lynch ever directed a music video for a deep house track, it might look something like this. Set in a moody low-lit cabaret with a cast of mysterious characters, the visuals for Jimpster’s “Crave” harken back to Lynch’s 2001 classic Mulholland Dr.

Director Vasilisa Forbes effectively sets the vibe for the lead single off the UK producer’s forthcoming album Silent Stars, a full-length dedicated to the nocturnal hours; a night-time drive along the house music highway. Forbes had this to say about the video:

“The darkness and tense rhythmic quality of 'Crave’, along with the loss-tinged lyrics, lent the atmosphere a cold, robotic quality. It was that which inspired me to create a brooding fantasy tale; a female-sexuality focused revenge story, told through the female gaze, which has become a key topic of mine as a director. The constant, metronome-like beat meant the subject had to be clock-work: a robot, clock-work doll or wind-up machine, with a dark inner life.” Silent Stars is veteran house producer Jimpster’s seventh studio album, his first since 2013’s Porchlight and Rocking Chairs. “Crave” features London’s Florence Rawlings, who lends her dreamy vocals to the hypnotic dance track, as well as another on the album called “Everything.” Silent Stars drops May 13 on Jimpster’s Freerange Records imprint. Check out more of Jimpster's music over at his SoundCloud here.

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